Mon, 13 Sep 2021. 08:15

Firstly, they beat the hell out of her because they don’t want her to resist. Once she gives up, they undress her and then rape her. Afterwards, they realise raping isn’t satisfying so they mess up with her vagina, they put iron rods inside her and then beat her to death and her story ends at that moment. Unfortunately, the rapist is still unsatisfied but they felt good while doing it, so they do it again and again and again. They go for kids, the elderly, infants, there was nothing before that could stop them…

The clouds are clearing, the sun is heading to the west, and all farmers are taking sheaves to their houses. It is the time of the year when all the farmers gather together to celebrate the first corn of the season with their families. Everyone around the town is excited about the festival, some of them celebrate it in their own way with just their family. And some follow the old customs and pray before and after the harvesting of the corn.
Henry, along with his daughter works on a big farm, whatever is left after paying their debt, they can…

Anurag J. Minz

Writer. _'I'm a hero, come on, I deserve a heroine.'

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